Spring Break 2009 – Thanks!

A special thanks to everyone who attended this weekend’s Spring Break 2009 Relationship Conference!  Our discussion time on marriage, divorce, and remarriage was extremely timely and valuable.  All of the discussion, as always, reverts back to what God’s Word has to say.  He has much to say to us about marriage and divorce, and He even gives us guidelines when it is time to consider remarriage.  While there is much to learn from God, many of us at the conference would readily conclude that it is still up to all of us to study and follow God’s Word closely…we have to work at being obedient to God in much the same way that successful marriages also require work.  Love is not just about our feelings, but it is also about actions.  Communication is just as important as companionship.  Faithfulness in marriage requires a conscious effort to overcome distractions and temptations.  Respect and maturity are also important areas of marital growth.  All of them need the complete effort of both the husband and wife, as well as lots and lots of prayer for strength and guidance!

If you are interested in a hard copy of the seminar notes, please see Melvin or Lynn Gaines or call 330.328.1385.

We also thank the host facility, the Courtyard by Marriott hotel in Stow, Ohio, for a beautiful, relaxing experience and for a nice break from the regular routine.  The breakfast was also quite delicious!  We plan to be back with you in 2010!

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