Two Year Bible Reading Plan

Here is an easy way to get into and stay in The Word each day…a Two Year Bible Reading Plan.  This plan will help you to read the entire Bible in two years…simply follow the schedule with these guides and keep your favorite Bible handy!  These are downloadable and printable Word documents for your use.

Each day is a chronological reading of the Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs, and it only takes about 7 minutes!  It doesn’t matter where you start this schedule…just continue where you are and stay with it!  You’ll be through a good portion of the Bible in no time!

01 Year 1 January February

02 Year 1 March April

03 Year 1 May June

04 Year 1 July August

05 Year 1 September October

06 Year 1 November December

07 Year 2 January February

08 Year 2 March April

09 Year 2 May June

10 Year 2 July August

11 Year 2 September October

12 Year 2 November December

3 thoughts on “Two Year Bible Reading Plan

  1. This is a very good planner for Bible reading. I will use it to plan for the coming next two years. God bless you abundantly. Manase Kenya

  2. Thanks for posting this great Bible reading guide. This is an excellent resource for churches and Sunday Schools to use!

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