Pastor’s Corner

Akron Alliance Fellowship Church is all about Jesus Christ, a Savior who has worked in the lives of the people who attend our church.  Because of a relationship with Jesus Christ lives have been changed and now are part of a team called the church, the body of Christ, in service as His witnesses.  The members of our church will readily attest to the power of God in their lives.  We all will attest to the power of His redemption and that we are a people of His workmanship.  He is our sanctifying source and the only source of our salvation when we trust in Him as our personal Savior.

We can smile because of the peace we have discovered through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  The church families are successfully living out the Biblical teaching that they learn from the Word of God; as a result, they are a testimony of what can happen when ordinary people turn their lives over to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.  He brings us together to be a community of Christians, impacting the lives of one another and the communities where we live.

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ continue to abound in the life of our church members.  I also pray for the continued blessings for their labor of love towards the ministries of Akron Alliance Fellowship Church and for their service for Jesus Christ.

To the members of Akron Alliance Fellowship Church, thanks to everyone for the privilege you have afforded me to walk with you as a brother in Christ, and to see the wonderful work of God’s hand in shaping and molding so many lives.  We have witnessed God working in the life of this church, but this is only one of the many chapters of the story of Akron Alliance Fellowship.   I am looking to see God do much more, and to see many more people come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.  We will keep loving one another, serving the Lord, and believing greater days are ahead of us because of the One we serve.

God bless you,

Pastor Gus Brown

6 thoughts on “Pastor’s Corner

  1. Are you the Pastor Gus Brown who officiated the funeral service for Edward Grant on Tues, Dec 1, 2009 at 2:00pm at the Stewart & Calhoun funeral Home?

    I was there (I was the one sweating) and I felt you were speaking directly to “me” and after hearing what you preached, I felt I found the answers to my questions and if I did not know, I know and understand now. I have been searching, and I have been reading boks on spirituality and thought that was what I was looking for-but YOU directed me in the right path. You were speaking of life after death and that no one dies if they are with Christ.

    My name is Sharon Grant, and I would like to visit your church to see if the Pastor I heard at Stewart & Calhoun on Dec 1, a Pastor I actualy paid attention to, has the same passion at his church, because I need a church home.

    1. Travis C. Jackson August 1, 2019 — 8:48 PM

      Sharon, this response is long over due, but you are more than welcome to fellowship with us.

  2. Hi Gus. How are you and Elaine? It’s been a long time. I have an image in my mind of a “Mystery Dinner” in our side yard and being told that the watermelon was too ripe. Funny the things we remember. How is (can you believe I forgot his first name?) Motley? Would love to hear from you. I’m also on Facebook.
    In Christ, Bruce.

  3. Michael Fletcher April 6, 2012 — 12:38 PM

    Hi Pastor Gus…Looking forward to connecting with you via email. Michael

  4. God bless you Gus, and the Akron Alliance family. I was thinking about you Gus, and God put it on my heart to send you a note. Petria and I are doing well. God has blessed us so much. I hope everything is well with you and Elaine. I hope to see you sometime soon.
    God bless,
    Tim Ashby

    1. Tim, it’s great to hear from you! Blessings to you and Petria! I will pass this message on to Gus and Elaine, and I look forward to seeing you, as well.

      Melvin Gaines

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