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Missions Have a Global Impact for God’s Glory

Our guest speaker today is Helen White, who is a missionary serving in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and she and her husband, Doug, have been there for the last 22 years, with their two children. She and her husband have served at the Brazilian Alliance Church group where services are primarily held in the evening. In addition to Brazilians, there is a significant Japanese population in Brazil that is being ministered to. In many ways, like here in the United States, there is a huge international impact with our worldwide ministries, especially in the mission field. The Whites specialize in couples’ ministries and have been involved with marriage counseling and sharing the gospel to lead the people of Brazil to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. In the midst of their ministry, the Whites have encountered a nation with people who readily believe in reincarnation based upon good works and Spiritism (due to a blending of African and South American cultures with Catholicism).

In service as missionaries, Doug and Helen shared that often they were faced with circumstances that appeared to be greater than their own abilities. Their reliance on Jesus Christ has helped them to overcome obstacles and grow their ministry where lives have been truly changed to and for the glory of God. Their ministry specializes in witnessing to married couples about the saving knowledge and healing power of Jesus Christ, especially in matters of conflict such as unfaithfulness and other marital difficulties. They have dealt with couples on matters of the heart and have provided the testimony that it is Jesus Christ that matters above everything else. In John 4:1-30, 39-42, the Samaritan woman knew of Christ and knew that He was the coming Messiah, but it was not until she realized that He was present and revealed to her about her lifestyle that she began to address the issues, and the sin, that needed to be corrected. In marriage encounters, it takes several meetings with those who attend the counseling to also recognize that Christ allows the freedom to break the bondage of undeclared sin and the ability to forgive one’s offenses. When God is present, there is progress that is made in the efforts to help a couple reconcile their differences. It is the power of Christ, that touches and heals us, which allows us to overcome the conflicts of marriage that seem virtually impossible to resolve. With Christ, all of our problems become virtually nothing when we see His mercy, His glory, His power and His grace (Isaiah 6:3-7). Helen has asked for all of us to become more involved with all of our missionaries through continued prayer and how the Lord would lead in our participation, including our prayers for someone in our midst to get involved in missions. It starts with our obedience to His Word. God can use us for a wonderful and dramatic impact throughout the world in reaching others through His power and glory!


Spring Break 2009 – Thanks!

A special thanks to everyone who attended this weekend’s Spring Break 2009 Relationship Conference!  Our discussion time on marriage, divorce, and remarriage was extremely timely and valuable.  All of the discussion, as always, reverts back to what God’s Word has to say.  He has much to say to us about marriage and divorce, and He even gives us guidelines when it is time to consider remarriage.  While there is much to learn from God, many of us at the conference would readily conclude that it is still up to all of us to study and follow God’s Word closely…we have to work at being obedient to God in much the same way that successful marriages also require work.  Love is not just about our feelings, but it is also about actions.  Communication is just as important as companionship.  Faithfulness in marriage requires a conscious effort to overcome distractions and temptations.  Respect and maturity are also important areas of marital growth.  All of them need the complete effort of both the husband and wife, as well as lots and lots of prayer for strength and guidance!

If you are interested in a hard copy of the seminar notes, please see Melvin or Lynn Gaines or call 330.328.1385.

We also thank the host facility, the Courtyard by Marriott hotel in Stow, Ohio, for a beautiful, relaxing experience and for a nice break from the regular routine.  The breakfast was also quite delicious!  We plan to be back with you in 2010!