Today’s message summary of January 31, 2016 from Pastor Gus Brown:

Scripture tells us that Jesus was on a mountain as He looked over Jerusalem–and He wept.  He wept because He did not like what He saw.

When you look at the city of Akron, what do you see? Sometimes we see that things aren’t very good, but we also need to pay attention to those things that are good. Good things are happening, and sometimes they are overlooked.

We have a hand in the good things that are taking place here. It is good to recognize that things are positive in the community, but it is up to us to be involved. It takes many hands to accomplish this. We all have to be willing to help. Many hands make up a team.

One of our elders, Ken, has been involved with a neighborhood football team, the Titans. In his community involvement, all of us are involved.

We are planters. We are teachers.

A football team has to be successful on the field. Someone has to carry the ball. Others have to block. There has to be cooperation on the team.

In the life of a Christian, there has to be teamwork, as well. Some will run with the ball while others will block. Everyone must use their talents to accomplish the goal of proclaiming the gospel. The team’s success of reaching people for Jesus Christ is most important.

A coach for a team is a lot like a pastor. Both are coaching, but just on different fields. A team works well both on the field and off the field, as well. God gives those individuals who are working with our young people the gift of patience. It is important to have a very important part of a young person’s life in order to create a positive influence.

Let’s look at a few words:

Team – A group of people working together.

Community – People living in a particular district for a common good. It is a team of people who are working to make it better.

Church – A group of people who worship together for the good of one another (public worship).

For one to be able to participate in any community event is a divine gift from God.

Acts 17:28

For in Him we live and move and exist, as even some of your own poets have said, ‘For we are also His offspring.’

What comes out of a person’s life is left up to him.

A team will practice in good weather or bad weather, such as wind, rain and cold. It’s a choice that, at times, has to be made to desire to get better as a team.

Matthew 12:35

A good man produces good things from his storeroom of good, and an evil man produces evil things from his storeroom of evil.

What do you choose–good or evil?

Ministry – It comes from the Greek word meaning to serve.

The word “ministry” has somehow been misused and is only defined within the arena of the church. Ministry has become a clerical/church word that most people never apply to themselves. It seems too grand for ordinary people. Ministry is a professional word.

All that is needed is people who are willing to give of themselves.  People who are willing to serve in the community.

When people serve they teach.

1. They teach attitude. There is an attitude of a winner and a loser. In life, we win some and we lose some.

2. When you serve you teach people to shine. You teach them to do their best, and then live with the results.

3. When you serve, you teach others about failure. We are not going to win all of the time, we live in our failure. We live through it while we are preparing for the next game.

4. While serving others, you give them purpose and meaning in life. They are important.

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