Heather’s Update

I received a letter from Heather Abernathy this morning that is worth sharing here in the blog post.  It is also on our International Workers page.  Please keep our sister in Christ in prayer and also give consideration to providing her with support.  Thank you.

Dear friends,
I want to once again thank you for your constant prayers and encouragement.  As the subject line states, God truly is a good God.  He is one worthy of so much praise and if His people will not praise Him, the rocks will!  As I have prayed through this particular battle, I came to realize that as I have been talking to the kids about the importance of crying out and searching for wisdom, as if it were a hidden treasure (see Proverbs 2), I was not doing it.  Yes, I was praying and yes, I asked you to pray, but was I really searching for God’s wisdom in the midst of the battle?!  I am happy to say that I did begin doing just that, and although things are not “all well”, they are much more bearable and manageable.  God is at work and I praise Him for it.  He has surrounded us with His grace and His mercies have been new each morning.  I thank you so much for your prayers and for standing in the gap for me (us).  Thank you, too, for all the encouraging words that were sent.  I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God’s grace, through your prayers, have seen me through this.  There is truly no way in which I can thank you enough.  There IS power in prayer and if you ever feel like you are not doing enough for me, know that praying does make a world of difference here in this dark country.
Those of you who are on FaceBook know that Linda has gotten chicken pox 😦  Gina actually had gotten them as well, but she had an extremely mild case.  Linda is covered from head to toe and has truly been miserable 😦  She has taken several oatmeal baths and is actually on some medicine, too, since she is a high risk kid who could have complications because of her problems.  She finally has begun to feel better and is actually, right now, upstairs in our new school room playing!  I have been very thankful for a friend who has come each morning of school to stay with her.  Tomorrow morning, another friend will come to stay, so I praise God for His provision.
I will close for now, but once again ask that you prayerfully consider being a financial partner with me.  Since being back, my expenses have increased some, so that leaves me still a bit short in my budget.  I continue to walk on water with Jesus, trusting that He will continue to raise my financial support base.  It is so humbling for me to even bring this to you, but I live in the reality that I need faithful supporters at “home” ~the US & Malaysia ~  Please remember that every little bit helps!  $5 pays my water bill and another $5 buys us drinking water for the month.  I have just read recently a quote in which I have now written on my bathroom wall (with bathtub crayons!), “With God, all sacrificial things are possible.”  I believe it was in the Made to Crave devotional book, but not positive, so please forgive my using a quote without its reference.  I have put it on my bathroom wall to remind me daily, several times a day, that God empowers those He calls; He gives strength to those who belong to Him; He supplies when we do things out of a sacrificial heart.  Might you be willing to step out in faith and be a financial partner with me in this ministry here in Cambodia?!
All for Him,


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