God’s Word: Truth For The Believer

The Word of God has power in the life of the person who hears God speak and understands the importance of His Word. The person who truly hears His Word knows that it comes from the authority of Almighty God. The words are already powerful and meaningful, but the hearer must believe it for it to have merit. Does the hearer really believe that God’s Word does what it says. One who attends church that does not carry a Bible is missing out on how God is speaking to that person. We experience God with our choice to follow His Word and believe in it. All of the intersections that have stop signs have something more behind them than just directing people to stop before proceeding with care. Our legal system stands behind the stop sign as the authority. In the same way, God stands behind God’s Word as the Supreme Authority. As Christians, we live in total dependence upon God’s Word. The world gives us confusion and conflicting message; in contrast, God’s Word, through the Bible, provides clarity in a fallen world. The Word is to influence us and give us direction to live a life for Christ. Nothing else is to have a greater importance. It should cause us to ponder and think deeply about what we do or what we get ourselves involved with. The Word will not profit those who do not take it to heart. If one is not willing to obey it, it will not work. It requires the faith of the hearer of God’s Word to trust that God’s Word is true in his or her life. It requires a sincerity of the hearer that one wants to know more (Romans 10:17). The hearing of God’s Word should have a value. It will have more of a value than entertainment or just hearing a good speech (Hebrews 4:1-6; John 12:48-50). Disobedience of God’s Word reflects on how one chooses not to value God’s Word. Our lack of faith and trust will not allow us to rest. God does not bless the sinner, though he is merciful to the sinner. A sinner makes the choice to not believe in His Word and trust In Him. God knows that it is not natural for us to activate our faith in His Word. He has to enable us to do so. We still have to choose, however, to believe in Him. Our faith in His Word and our trust that it is true gives us true rest that God is faithful to His Word. True faith is stepping out and acting on it (Matthew 14:29). When God speaks and we respond to Him, He does not let us down. He meets us where we are. This is more than just about salvation or being saved by grace. The believer in Christ now also grows as his or her understanding of God’s Word increases. Trusting in the speaker of God’s Word is not the same as Trusting in God’s Word. We are to trust in no man (Romans 3:4) but trust only in His Word. God’s Word has a power that goes far beyond what man can do (Jeremiah 23:29). It cuts us and tears us down, but it also has healing power (Hosea 6:1-7). It can radically change your life and gives you the confidence of God rather than confidence in our own abilities. The Holy Spirit, with your trust of God’s Word, gives you the ability to live a life of richness in Jesus Christ (John 6:63). Do not be like those that originally followed Christ in His ministry but then left Him because they could no longer accept His teaching (John 6:66-67). Either God’s Word is completely true or it is all a lie. Our belief in His Word acknowledges Him for who he is. “If you keep My commands you will remain in My love, just as I have kept My Father’s commands and remain in His love” (John 15:10). When we acknowledge God through His Word, you are giving Him recognition who He is in how you live your life. His wisdom will operate within you and it will be seen by others. The Word of God replenishes our soul, refreshes our faith and our trust in Him, and it gives us rest, victory, and prosperity in Jesus Christ–if we only truly believe it has value for us. We pray for the wisdom and understanding as we seek Him through His Word that we recognize its value.

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