The Inspiration and Revelation of God’s Word

How did we come to understand the Bible as God’s Word? The Bible is the result of the inspiration of God’s Word and its communication from Himself to mankind. It is widely regarded today as The Holy Bible–the communication of the Word as captured, compiled and defined by mankind as God’s Holy Word. While others would argue that there is truth in books such as the Koran or the Book of Mormon, for example, the Bible is not just a book of rules as presented by mankind through a prophet. Mankind’s way of thinking is not to be interpreted as God’s way of thinking. The Bible is God’s true communication to us and for us. It is His Word that is available for us for interpretation (2 Timothy 3:16). It is up to us to decide if God’s Word is truth in our life or if it is one of the many speculative thoughts that we are exposed to. Is God’s Word factual? How far will we go in our examination of His Word to answer our questions, give us assurance, and overcome our uncertainties? Inspiration of God’s Word is securing its accuracy in that its origin is from God Himself. From there, God’s revelation (or revealing) of His Word was provided first to the  original prophets and apostles, who recorded these facts for compilation to what we now refer to as the Holy Bible. When God reveals His Word, He is communicating something that is unknown to man, and man would not know of it unless God reveals it. The Bible is not of man but the revelation of God’s Word to man. His Word is without error (Psalm 12:6) and it declares what is right (Isaiah 45:19). The Bible stands on its own claim to be the Word of God is His good news revealed to us (Romans 1:2) and that His Word is consistently faithful in spite of how we respond to it (Romans 3:2). The author of the Holy Scriptures is indeed holy and without error. God’s reasoning is no comparison to man’s way of reasoning or thinking. When we base our righteousness on following the principles of God’s Word, we are standing on solid ground (Matthew 7:24-25). God communicated His Word to man by speaking to him (Exodus 3:4; 6:1; 7:1, 14; 8:1, 16). It is not given to us from a human point of view. It is God’s point of view revealed to us (Galatians 1:11-12). As noted earlier, God also placed His Word in the mouths of men in the form of prophets (Deuteronomy 18:18; Jeremiah 1:9; 30:2). Jesus revealed that He was the living Word of God and gave further credibility to the Old Testament with His teachings (Hebrews 1:1-2) and we see God operating through the Holy Spirit in the revealing of His Word today (John 14:26). All of those that God chose to reveal His Word showed that His Word was accurate, reliable and good for instruction (Romans 15:4-6). God loves us so much that He reveals Himself to us His Word…it is His perfect way of communication with us. It is without error or in need of correction of itself. We can count on its merit and its consistency, because God is faithful and true (Revelation 19:11). It is our challenge to not just hear His Word, but to receive it (1 Thessalonians 2:13).

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1 thought on “The Inspiration and Revelation of God’s Word

  1. Praise the Lord for sharing your article. Revealing of truth is written in scripture. The enemy knows that keeping us from scripture will hinder our being all that God intended us to be.

    May God richly bless you and use you to spread His written Word.

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