Sunday School Today: Seek His Kingdom

There are moments in our lives when we are anxious about our circumstances when things aren’t going well. Some of us have faced job loss or situations where there was uncertainty about how we would be able to pay our bills. Jesus reveals to us that He is able to meet our basic needs without the need for us to be concerned about the situation (Luke 12:22-34). All of this starts with our use of just a measure of faith. Jesus gives us words of encouragement when he tells us to not be concerned with the basic essentials of life that He readily provides for us. He does not want to see believers in Christ “choked” by the world’s problems (Mark 4:7, 18-19). It is the difficult times where God challenges us that much more as to how we truly believe God’s Word. It is our faith and trusting of His Word that sustains us. We also discussed that it is our attitude, whether positive or negative, that has a helpful or detrimental effect on our ability to have faith. The more that we recognize our role and responsibility in serving Christ, the more that we understand the principles of faith in Him.

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