Sunday School Today: Luke 12:1-12

Have you ever been concerned about what others have thought about you? At times we are concerned about making a good impression when we make a presentation or have someone over for dinner. It is always good to prepare and put your best foot forward on such occasions, but is it really that important when it is compared to how God sees us? What does Jesus say is most important? He wants to see your devotion to Him. See Jesus’ visit to Martha and Mary’s home (Luke 10:38-41) for a refresher on this. We need to also remember that God sees and knows all about everything we do and say, whether it is public or private. Jesus warned His disciples to be on their guard against the religious hypocrisy of the Pharisees, who lived one way publicly and yet differently in privacy. Yet there was nothing that they did that was beyond God’s ability to know about it (Luke 12:2-3). We are to remember this same warning. God knows all about us, including the number of hair strands on our heads (Luke 12:7). He loves us and is concerned about us, but He also wants us to recognize that we are not to be concerned about those things that are temporal, but rather the things that are of God, namely acknowledging Jesus Christ and following Him with obedience to God’s Word. The following of Jesus Christ is where we make our best impression before God and with others.

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