Sunday School Today: Luke 10:17-20

In continuing this quarter’s study of the comparative gospels of the life of Jesus Christ, we covered the verses in Luke 10:17-20. When Jesus heard back from the seventy followers that He had sent to the various towns throughout the lands, they rejoiced at how “even the demons submit to us in Your name” (v. 17). There is an expectation that we may have when we go out into the world serving our Lord, but we really have no idea how fruitful and satisfying the work can be. Sure, the work may be very difficult and may take a good amount of tie, but thankfully we sometimes are blessed to see the fruits of our labor. Hopefully, this gives those of us with finite minds and ways of thinking that our ministry truly does have an eternal value. Jesus reminded the seventy of this very fact. It is not so much that we can overcome anything that Satan throws at us as long as we are working and proclaiming victory in Jesus, but even more importantly that God has a reward for those that dedicate their lives to Christ and to unabashedly serve Him. Jesus said that we are to “rejoice that your names are written in heaven” (v. 20).

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