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Updated September 22, 2022

To our Akron Alliance Fellowship Church Community and to All Visitors—

Thank you for your attendance with us in-person and online during this time as we #StaySafe and #StayPrayerful! We ask that each of our members and friends continues to do what is necessary to help everyone, as much as possible, get back to a greater sense of normalcy. With God’s help, He will see to it!

Please stay tuned to this page and our Akron Alliance Fellowship Facebook Page for regular updates pertaining to our church schedule.

Our church schedule for Sunday, September 25: We will be exclusively online with Live Stream Sunday School at 9:30 AM EDT via Facebook Live on our Akron Alliance Fellowship Church Facebook page. After Sunday School, stay with us online for a pre-recorded Sunday message. For those of you in the Akron, OH community, we are meeting every Sunday morning at our church. We’re located at 688 Diagonal Road, Akron OH.

When visiting us at church, we are still checking temperatures for all visitors prior to entry. If there is a fever detected, you will be asked to sit outside the sanctuary for a few minutes before we administer an additional temperature check. If a fever is still detected, you will not be permitted entry for the service. Upon entry, you are welcome whether you choose to wear a mask or not.

In-person Church Activities:

Please expect the complete worship service to last approximately 75-90 minutes. We ask for all visitors to do what is necessary to remain comfortable as you meet and greet others. Keep in mind that others may not be as comfortable as you are; therefore, please be sensitive as you fellowship with them. Tithes and offerings are collected from a drop-box in the church entrance area (we are not passing a collection plate).

The first Sunday of the month is Communion Sunday. It follows the completion of the morning message. We have “bread and juice” kits that are only handled by the end user. Communion is a solemn practice reserved for all believers in Jesus Christ (1 Corinthians 11:23-34).

On the second Sunday of the month, we have a Prayer Meeting that begins at 6:00 PM.

On the third Sunday of the month, we are resuming our Sunday afternoon Ladies’ Cell Group beginning on Sunday, September 18 at 5:00 PM with the study “Faithful, Abundant, True: Three Lives Going Deeper Still” by Kay Arthur, Beth Moore and Priscilla Shirer. Workbooks will be made available for a small fee for all participants. This will be a Fall and Spring activity.

We have resumed our Wednesday Bible Study sessions in Akron. We are presently meeting at the corner of Copley Road and Ritchie Avenue in the park beginning at 6:30 PM EDT. Bring your lawn chairs along with your Bible!

Online Church Activities:

Every Sunday morning, for those who are unable to gather with us at church (or those who are outside of the Akron, Ohio area), we will have Live Stream Sunday School on our Akron Alliance Fellowship Facebook Page. We will provide the sermon message for that Sunday (pre-recorded) on our Akron Alliance Fellowship Facebook Page. These messages will be available for viewing immediately after Sunday school, and are available for viewing or reference 24/7!

We are also providing Bible study lessons online. Look for these during the second Wednesday of every month and for our ZOOM Bible Study on the fourth Sunday (afternoon) of each month. Follow our Akron Alliance Fellowship Facebook Page for details and updates.

For all in-person visits, we ask that all of our church members and visitors to continue to follow safe, hygienic practices to prevent spread of any illness and to please stay home if you are ill or experiencing symptoms of illness, including a regular cold or the flu. We are also asking that if you have had recent contact with a person who has the COVID virus to stay home, as well.  If you want us to pray for you, your health or for any situation or circumstance, please send us a note at akronalliance@gmail.com or call 330.376.4654. We are always here for you!

All video messages and live stream content can be reviewed on our Akron Alliance Fellowship Facebook Page and through links here at akronalliance.org. Our previous messages and text summaries online along with audio of our sermon messages and Sunday school classes are also available here at akronalliance.org. Select the Sermons/Audio tab under Links from our menu. You can also subscribe to our Akron Alliance Fellowship podcast for free on Apple Podcasts.

Church Members: If you are homebound or need assistance, please call and we can help you or bring whatever you are in need of to your doorstep. If you still want to contribute your weekly offering to please mail it to the church. The mailing address is Akron Alliance Fellowship, 688 Diagonal Road, Akron OH 44320.

God has continued to bless our church and has delivered us through this time of uncertainty. We ask that all of you remain prayerful and mindful of your neighbors and your community.  When we get together, whether online or in person, you are always welcome here at Akron Alliance Fellowship Church.

May the Lord continue to protect you and richly bless you!

                                                                        —Melvin Gaines, Church Administrator

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