The Church has Left the Building!

Updated September 27, 2020

To our Akron Alliance Fellowship Church Community and to All Visitors—

Thank you for your ongoing flexibility during this difficult time as we #StaySafe and #StayPrayerful during the COVID-19 Pandemic. We ask that each of our members and friends continues to do what is necessary to keep the spread of the virus under control. Summit County, Ohio is presently under a Level 1 Public Emergency, and our church outdoor gatherings will continue to require the wearing of masks or face coverings in the event that social distancing is unavailable. We are continuing our Sunday worship services outside on our front lawn or in our parking area as well as broadcasting each Sunday via Facebook Live. There is freedom in worship, and we are doing what we can to give honor and glory to the Lord Jesus Christ while making sure to take extra special care of our church family and friends.

Please stay tuned to this page for regular updates pertaining to our church schedule.

Our schedule for this Sunday, October 4: We will have another Live Stream Sunday School event at 9:30 AM EDT via Facebook Live on our Akron Alliance Fellowship Church Facebook page. After Sunday School, our church will be gathering in the rear parking area for a Drive-In Worship Service at 11:00 AM. We will also broadcast this event via Live Stream on Facebook Live. Parking is in the rear of the church. Bring your lawn chair! The church address is 688 Diagonal Road, Akron OH. If you do not have a chair, we will provide one for you! Please dress according to the weather conditions each week. As a reminder, we are actively practicing social distancing, and the wearing of a mask is required based upon the present state guidelines if you are within 6 feet of anyone. We will have praise music and an exciting message for you as we give praise and worship together.

We have suspended our indoor Sunday morning services and Wednesday Bible Study sessions until further notice. We will be revisiting bringing our congregation indoors at a future date, but for now, we will be gathering outdoors on Sundays with the expectation of good weather and a great opportunity to fellowship with hearty greetings and wonderful conversation while practicing social distancing.

We ask that all of our church members and visitors to continue to follow safe practices to prevent spread of the virus or any illness and to please stay home if you are ill or experiencing symptoms of illness, including a regular cold or the flu.  If you want us to pray for you, your health or for any situation or circumstance, please send us a note at or call 330.376.4654. We are always here for you.

All video messages and live stream content can be reviewed on our Akron Alliance Fellowship Facebook Page and through links here at Our previous messages and text summaries online along with audio of our sermon messages and Sunday school classes are also available here at Select the Sermons/Audio tab under Links from our menu.

Church Members: If you are home bound or need assistance, please call and we can help you or bring whatever you are in need of to your doorstep. If you still want to contribute your weekly offering to please mail it to the church (Akron Alliance Fellowship, 688 Diagonal Road, Akron OH 44320). If you prefer to drop off your offering, you can do so at the church every Sunday between 10:30 AM and 12:00 PM at the church building’s main entrance. We again ask that you practice social distancing upon arrival in accordance to State of Ohio guidelines.

God is more than able to deliver us through this time of uncertainty. We ask that all of you remain prayerful and mindful of your neighbors and your community.  When we get together, whether online or in person, you are always welcome here at Akron Alliance Fellowship Church.

                                                                        —Melvin Gaines, Church Administrator

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